Domestic Flights

Azzabern Animal Transport Pty Ltd pet flights throughout Australian using Virgin Airlines. We can ensure your pet will have access to a premium travel experience at budget friendly prices. 

Obtaining the air transport price for your pet is a simple process. Just fill in our quote request form, and we will promptly respond within 1 business day with the information you need.

Domestic Pet Transport

Azzabern Animal Transport is dedicated to providing personalised interstate pet transport services that cater to the unique needs of pet owners. Whether you prefer a convenient door-to-door service, an efficient airport-to-airport option, or a customised package, we have you covered. Our extensive network allows us to transport your pet between any two points in Australia seamlessly.

When you choose Azzabern Animal Transport for your pet’s travel, you can trust that they are in the hands of experienced professionals. Our travel consultants have a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for animals, ensuring that your pet receives the highest level of care throughout the entire journey. We offer expert advice on preparing your pet for travel and provide helpful tips to assist them in settling into their new destination with ease. As part of our comprehensive service, we supply airline-approved travel crates that prioritise your pet’s comfort during transit.

With a focus on interstate pet transport, our services encompass flights, pick-ups, deliveries, and boarding arrangements. Reach out to us today to discuss your specific requirements, and rest assured that we will go above and beyond to make the entire journey as smooth and stress-free as possible for both you and your beloved pet.

Pet Airport Taxi

We have pet airport taxis that can take you beloved pet to and from the airport for their flight. The pet taxi service is convenient for the early morning flights that your pet need to make. You can also utilise our interstate pet transport for a cost effective way to make a flight. We can take multiply pups/dogs for various flights. Our taxi service currently services the following airports:

  • Brisbane (North to Gympie, South to Tweed, West to Toowoomba)

  • Gold Coast

  • Melbourne

  • *Adelaide

  • *Sydney

# All pet taxi services require 48 hours notice (Monday reservations must be made by midday Friday)

Conditions of carriage

  1. There are special requirements for young kittens or puppies;
    1. If your puppy or kitten is less than 8 weeks old then we will not be able to accept it for travel.
    2. If your puppy or kitten is between 8 – 12 weeks old, you will require a veterinary certificate stating your pet is healthy enough to travel.
  2. There are special requirements for older dogs & cats;
    1. If your dog or cat is older than 12 years, you will require a vet certificate stating your dog is healthy enough to travel.
  3. Can multiple pets travel in the same crate?
    1. Pets may travel in the same crate provided they are from the same species, are similar in size and weight and are used to cohabitation. Each pet must not weigh more than 14kg.
  4. Are all breeds of dogs and cats accepted?
    1. Breeds classified as Dangerous Animals by the Australian Government and deemed prohibited to import are not accepted under any circumstances. These breeds are: Pit Bull Terrier; American Pit Bull; Dogo Argentian; Japanese Tosa; Brazilian Fila; Brazilian Mastiff; and Presa Canario.
  5. Are any breeds subject to special conditions?
    1. American Staffordshire Terriers will only be accepted in a CR-82 reinforced cage or an airline-approved guard dog cage. The CR-82 type cage is specially reinforced to prevent the dog from breaking out, and therefore reduce incidents relating to aircraft damage or injury to the dog itself.
    2. Brachycephalic breeds see section on these breeds

Pet Airline Container Guidelines

We have variety of pet airline container sizes available for purchase and hire. All pet airline containers are IPATA approved.

When booking you pets airline container to ensure the correct size is booked, we need not only your pets weight but also height from the floor to top of head (ears if ears are higher) also from nose to bottom. If the container is too small your pet will be refused travel.

  • The animal must be able to stand with their head up unrestricted by the container; and
  • Your pet must be able to turn around freely within the container.
  • No wire containers.

Additionally, the container must:

  • Have adequate ventilation;
  • Have a water bowl/receptacle affixed to the container;
  • Have escape proof hinges and latches and be adequately locked;
  • Be in good repair and strong enough to withstand damage and ensure the pet cannot escape;
  • Be made of wood or a polypropylene material;
    Be lined with absorbent material and designed so that no water or excreta can escape;
  • Not exceed a total weight of 65kgs when pet is included inside;
  • Not have any wheels attached;
  • Not be designed to collapse; and
  • Two-part rigid plastic containers must have the top and bottom (or side) parts secured by screws or nuts and bolts (not plastic clips).
pet travel crate size

Generally, only one pet may travel per container, however, up to three pets can travel per container if they meet all the following criteria:

  • All from the same litter;
  • Under six months old; and
  • Under 14 kgs each.


A maximum of two adult pets of comparable size up to 14kg each, that are compatible for travel, may be shipped in the same container. Pets over 14 kg must travel individually.

Temperature Policy

Avoid adverse temperatures that may pose a risk to your pet, please avoid booking travel for them during peak temperature periods, such as in the middle of the day.

We strongly recommend that if the temperature is forecast for significant heat and humid and/or it is a multi-sector journey, guests should consider changing their flight to an early morning or late afternoon/evening departure time to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Sedation is NOT recommended for pet air travel unless specifically recommended by your vet. If you wish to sedate your pet for travel, contact your vet for expert advice. A vet certificate will be required for pets sedated for travel. Azzabern Animal Transport Pty Ltd and the airlines do not take responsibility for any consequences as a result of sedation.

Brachycephalic Breed policy

The below dogs are Brachycephalic breeds and are covered by the below policy

In addition to the live animal domestic flight policy conditions of carriage the below also apply.

  1. Azzabern Animal Transport have our internal risk assessment policy in place to ensure animal welfare is the number one priority in everything we aspire to. Once pets pass this assessment process, we would then endeavour to book your pet on an early morning or night-time flight to ensure their utmost safety during travel.
  2. During the peak summer months between December to March, we have a strict policy that all brachycephalic breeds travelling during these dates must be in the air by 9am or after 6pm, regardless of the daily weather temperature. For the other months, being April through to November, if the forecast temperature is above 28 degrees Celsius, your pet must be in the air by 9am or after 6pm.
  3. In the case of severe rain or storms, your pet travel consultant will be in contact with you change your pet’s travel itinerary. If the new flight time requires your pet to travel on an alternate day, we can arrange boarding if required. In making any changes to your pet’s itinerary, their safety, comfort and welfare is our number one priority.
  4. Itineraries cannot include transfers from another airline (e.g. both flights must be with the one carrier). Secondary flights must be the next day
  5. Policy requires that pets must be a minimum of 12 weeks old, a maximum of 7 years old and have complete the IPATA Brachycephalic fit – to – fly form assessment is required before flying.
  6. The IPATA Brachycephalic form can be completed by any qualified vet.
  7. The animal is required to fly in an airline container that is at least one size larger than needed.
  8. Restrict flight duration to 5 hours
  9. The animal must pass the IPATA BOAS exam. See IPATA Brachycephalic fit – to -fly form
  10. The BOAS and INDEMITY must be completed
  11. Original copy of IPATA BOAS and Airline Indemnity form are to be given to the carrier on lodgment, one copy for the office and another copy is to travel on the airline container.
  12. Brachycephalic pre lodgment check list is to be completed by lodging staff member.
  13. Microchip must be scanned by lodging staff member to check the animal is the one of the paperwork
  14. Photograph of the animal on lodgment is required.
  15. Customers must note, if your pet fails the BOAS the flight will be cancelled, and your pet will need seek alternative method of transport. Azzabern animal transport does offer a road transport solution especially designed for brachycephalic breeds. Older animals and during the summer months this is the preferred method of transport.
  16. Customers will be contact if flights are needed to be rescheduled due to weather or other elements out of our control.
  17. Staff will send to both sender and receiver proof of acceptance and delivery